Why a photo booth rental in NYC is a good idea

A photo booth rental is a great way to spice up any kind of gathering in NYC. If you want to set your party apart from every other special event in the area, you will want to add a little extra fun to the evening and a way for your guests to make some memories of their own. Plus, a photo booth will you have the evening well documented as all of your guests’ personalities come out in the private photo session. Here are some great situations in which to consider a photo booth rental.

Let’s start with one of the main reasons to a photo booth rental in NYC: a wedding. This is a great way to provide memories for your guests and yourselves. So much more efficient than putting disposable cameras on the tables and hoping for the best (that never works out), a photo booth rental can ensure some funny and zany pictures of your loved ones. You’ll get sweet romantic photos from some, and funny faces from others. Regardless, you’ll be able to see that your friends and family were all happy to share in your special day.

Another great occasion for a photo booth rental is a costume party. NYC is well known for great costume parties whether it is Halloween or otherwise. Everyone went through the trouble of getting dressed up. They’ll love to commemorate the experience with a little private photo shoot. A photo booth is sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

Proms are yet another occasion that calls for a photo booth rental. Parents always want little mementos of their children dressed in their best. High school sweethearts will want something to keep in their locker or wallet. It’s good clean fun for the whole school.

Really any major party, from an office party to a birthday party to a holiday party, is going to benefit from a photo booth rental. This is the most photographed generation in history. Give your guests something to look back on besides those bathroom selfies they were going to take anyway. High quality photos taken in a rented photo booth are a great way to let your guests have a little fun and get something to bring home with them (and maybe post on the Internet later), all the while allowing you to have a huge pile of evidence that a great time was had by all.